The puppies have been infested with ticks since we went on shore at St. Vincent. I'm in full combat most against these little buggers. The puppies have been sprayed, there bedding has been clean and yet still I'm killing a dozen or more of these little buggers every day. Tomorrow is medication day… don't know if that is going to work cause the last 5 days I've used sergeants spray on flea and tick juice to kill them or get them to leave the puppies.

New haul out date set for April 19th. Yeh

We are going to get the bottom sanded and painted as well as a few other jobs this April. This weekend is Easter and they are having a big fund raiser for ALG (attach a leg grenada) to raise funds for those needing artificial limbs. It should be a big blast as everyone is kicking in to help.
Otherwise, it is hot here at Hog Island, not nearly as much wind as in Clark's Court. We are watching rain roll over the mountains on the main island while generally missing us. It is the "dry season" and all the vegetation is turning brown. That should change in the next month once the ITZ shifts north for hurricane season.

first time hitting ground while outside of the chesapeake

We moved the boat to Hog Island today and I tapped the reef on the way into the island, now I know to stay just a little bit to the east of the channel. We only bobbed on the reef for a couple minutes and then we worked our way off and into the Hog Island Anchorage.
I think the captain felt a little silly bobbing on the reef.

New meal at Hog Island

Today we are going to Hog Island for a "Buss up Shut" lunch. Yeh, it sounds weird. This is the Roti versions of a "bowl". and "Buss up Shut" is local for "Mess up your shirt" cause you are guaranteed to spill this stuff all over your shirt while you hog it down. Lambis is on the menu today for the Buss up Shut on Hog Island. Should be fun!!! I'll take picture with the phone and post them here after when we get back to the boat.
Forgot to bring my phone for photos. The Buss up Shut was great. Yum Yum Yum. The puppies got to spend most of the day on the beach. Cinco was allowed to run lose for a few hours, Jupiter was on the tether and tied up in the shade. We didn't go swimming. I should have done that, but there is always tomorrow for swimming. Both pups had lots of fun, Cinco loved running wild and saying hello to everyone he met including a couple of puppies and a cat. Overall a beautiful and relaxed day on Hog Island Grenada!

iPad Death (or execution)

I just smashed the iPad Air2 with a 16lbs hammer and threw the parts off the boat.
iPads are absolutely useless unless you are constantly connected to the Internet. We seldom have Internet connections much less high-speed internet connections.
Last week the iPad started consuming lots of power. After being fully charged (10 hours to charge) it would only last 2 hours (and it is a new iPad) So I tried to reset everything to factory defaults and reload it from scratch. Well, you can't do that without an Internet connection and downloading 4GB of data and the application dies after it has downloaded 3.8GB of data and then when you restart it restarts from 0GB of data only to die again at 3.7GB of download. It has now uses our entire Internet access budget for the next month and still has not reset itself.
I thinks the fishes will have more fun with it than us. We mostly used it for photos to view navigation charts. Bye bye iPad we will never buy another one! Guess we will get a Kindle, new smart phone or something like that in the next year or two.

On the big island of Grenada

The sail down here on Sunday was nice. We had winds near 15kts until we reached telescope rock by Greenville. Yes, we sail here on the windward side of the island. At that point the winds dropped to a maximum of 8kts but mostly near 6kts. I pulled up all the sail and we could still make 4kts of speed for a while. Then the winds died a bit more. We needed to start the engine cause we were now going at 2.5kts with maximum winds of 4kts (like August in Chesapeake). We motored into Woburn Bay and dropped anchor here.
I ran some errands (mostly for boat projects) this week and did a little shopping. This Friday will be a big shopping day. The puppies and I went to Hog Island on Sunday evening and there was a big party going on (as usual). We got to see lots of our friends (well there weren't to many puppy friends there).

Sail to Carriacou

It was a very nice sailing day. We had some 10ft seas, but mostly smaller and 12 to 28KTS of wind on the port beam. We make 5.8 to 7.3 KTS all the way here in just under 6 hours. Today is a holiday so we didn't get to check into Grenada. We will have to do that Thursday morning. Lots of sea weed floating today; we hit one patch that was about 6 or 7 acres of weed and lots of smaller patches. On my venture to checking, I stopped at the local market and picked up a bottle of Westerhall Rum. Not sure what I'll have for dinner, but I know what I'm drinking at sundown.

Last Day in Bequia SVG

The mail service is having my FedEx package recalled since they can't get it to me in 20 days. I should get it in Grenada as we will head there in the morning.
I checked out today from SVG and did some shopping for a few things that are unique here in SVG… Food items to share with visitors in Grenada.
Windy today. Yesterday when I anchored a German boat was bitching that I was in their swing room. I asked how much rode they had and he said 30 meters. So after setting my anchor I pull some of it in until I was at 30 meters (I did not like that as I was in 22ft of water). This morning when the wind blew up I dragged, so I went forward and set out 150ft of chain, but this put me on top of another boat's anchor (drag plus extra chain). When they were ready to leave, I started my engine and pulled my boat forward so they could retrieve their anchor, then I set back down on my 120ft of chain. The German boat next to me is dragging, but unaware of the situation. They are now on my beam and it is now their problem, not mine. :) . We will be leaving shortly after sunrise (when the coffee is made). Back to Grenada to begin boat maintenance.

Sail to Bequia

It was a great sailing day. Made it here in 6 hours. The waves didn't kick in until Canouan as expected. The waves were up to 10 ft but we were at 60deg apparent wind on a starboard tack. It was a bit bumpy at time my we were moving at 5+kts the entire way with a double reefed main and a reefed ginny.
My FedEx package still has not arrived after 20 days on what should take 3 to 5 days. Not sure, but we are leaving here in two days so I'll likely never get that mail.
I'm going to have breakfast with the puppies at Gingerbread in the morning then check out for the 14th to head down to Grenada. Planning for that to be an 8 hour trip with much smaller seas.

Kite boarders on Union

The photo is not so good cause the good camera stopped working so this is from the iPad.
Some of these guys are air borne for 10 second or more.

At Union Island for a few days to reprovision and get a little civilization

Union is the kite board capital down here. There is a shallow reef area just north of Clifton that has great winds, shallow waters and a long ride up and down wind. I hear that they have LED illumination at night. This should be fun.
Otherwise, I went to Customs to see if I needed to check the dogs into the island. The customs guy insisted that my dogs were not allowed on the island "PERIOD". I stated that my dogs were legally imported into SVG. He didn't think that there was any such thing. After he made several phone calls and got no where. I said I would go to my boat and get the Import Permit and bring it back for them to examine. I was also told by the Park Police in Union that my dogs would be okay here with and Import Permit but I couldn't take them on shore in the Cays. I just spent a week in the Cays with the dogs and the Park Service and the SVG coast guard of the Cays (none of which wanted to see the import permits and the Park Service guys were damn near rubbing Cinco's belly on one of our walks on the Cays).
I showed back up at the Union Island Customs office a few minutes later with all my paper work and by that time the Capitan was back from lunch and he examined the paper and said I was good, my dogs were allowed on land in SVG.
Guess what is for dinner the next few nights?

Two raining days- Monday was LOTS of rain- Today just a little

The seas are high as a result of strong winter storms coming of the US coast and into the Atlantic. The swells here shifted to the NW last night and so the anchorage is not too bad for my boat or Cats. Most of the other light monohulls have moved.
Oh, here is a picture, using the iPad, so it's not very clear. This is where Jack Sparrow hides his rum… In real life it is called Petit Tabac. I haven't been able to get out to the island. It is outside of the horse shoe reef and waves have been too big for my dink to handle safely the past two days.

Differences in boat designs under the water

We are in the Tobago Cays today anchored in the horse shoe reefs. My boat is pointing away from the wind and all the other boats are pointing to the wind. This happens when there is a current in the anchorage and the wind isn't strong enough. You see my boat has a full keel with a cut back toe, so the current has more impact on my boat than on most of the other boats. So my boat is facing the current and all the other boats are facing the wind inside the horse shoe reefs. I think we will stay here a couple of days while the winds are light.
Jupiter is much better now. Dr. says it was likely a virus or infection.

Jupiter is not right

Jupiter is confused and refuses to walk. I'm worried. This has gone on for two days now. He got stuck in a corner yesterday and again today. He doesn't give me leg kisses in the morning while I make coffee. He doesn't get excited about food, but he does eat when I place the bowl next to him where ever he is laying down. If this keeps up we will call short out trip to the Grenadines and head up to St. Vincent where we can see a Vet. He shit all over the boat last night and pissed on his bed twice. He also missed the pee pee rug a couple of times yesterday. The bed and rug have been washed and are hanging to dry today.
He got stuck in the corner by the mast today and then plopped down to sleep. He hasn't moved in 6 hours.