April 2016

Rig has been put back in

I have pictures that I will have to post showing the crane lowering the mast and new rigging back onto the boat… It was impressive, but now I have new rigging. All of the chain plates were cleaned, polished and inspected. They are 316 so they should last another 20 years…. I'll have to check them out 10 years from now. I had one through hull that had water and core rot, but so I did have to do some repairs, but the plate where that occurred was in nice condition. I bent the sails onto the boat a couple of days ago. They look good, the Code Zero is ready, but I will not receive it until May 13th. I have the loop furling line made and the fairleads. This weekend I expect to have all of the A2B crew on board for a sail on Sat and some on Sunday. The NOOD races are this weekend so we will have to avoid their path on our sails. I have a bunch of require drills for the race crew and I am looking forward the return crew taking part in the exercises as well. I had to replace my SIMARAD wind instrument with a B&G Triton. running the new wire was a pain, but it looks like the parts will all work together with my old IS15 gear.

The rig has been pulled

Only a couple of complications. The biggest is that the sailing/wind instrument is failing and so I will have to upgrade… But that has bigger complications… I'm investigating what will work for new wind and transducer and still feed the older auto pilot. More to come. Still planning to haul out on Friday but may have to spend a little more time on the hard than wanted. Also discovered where the PO had a VHF ant installed as well as a few other issues. This may keep me from sailing until after the a17th of April. I'll have to post a picture of Music without a mast.

Prep the rig to be pulled

I may go crazy tonight. 20kts of wind and M-Yatching showed up and prepped the rig to be remove on Thursday morning. Things are rattling and banging - and the in boat mast insulation has been removed. As a result, every clack and clang is sounded through the mast to the interior of the boat. Oh well, Thursday AM I'll deliver the boat to the riggers so that the mast can be pulled. I'll live through one noisy night!

Safety at Sea and Mast being pulled

I finished the 2 day Safety at Sea class at the Naval Academy. This class is great and I recommend it to anyone that plans or open ocean sailing or just long term sailing. It cannot be described in the short space of a blog post. Well worth the money paid.
This evening M-Yatching (Steve Madden) called to schedule de-stepping my mast and replacing the standing rig. They were going to give me a 1 week notice so I could pull apart the covering over the chain plates… But they had and opening, so on Wednesday they are coming to prep the rig and on Thursday morning I have to deliver the boat to Jabin's to have the crane pull the mast. It should take a week to complete, but I'm guessing that it will not be ready quite that fast. All the same hoping it can be done by the 15th or the following week so I can begin sailing with my A2B race crew as well as my return crew.
More to come…