Safety at Sea and Mast being pulled

I finished the 2 day Safety at Sea class at the Naval Academy. This class is great and I recommend it to anyone that plans or open ocean sailing or just long term sailing. It cannot be described in the short space of a blog post. Well worth the money paid.
This evening M-Yatching (Steve Madden) called to schedule de-stepping my mast and replacing the standing rig. They were going to give me a 1 week notice so I could pull apart the covering over the chain plates… But they had and opening, so on Wednesday they are coming to prep the rig and on Thursday morning I have to deliver the boat to Jabin's to have the crane pull the mast. It should take a week to complete, but I'm guessing that it will not be ready quite that fast. All the same hoping it can be done by the 15th or the following week so I can begin sailing with my A2B race crew as well as my return crew.
More to come…