Busy Morning

I got copies of my pump invoice and dinked them over to LaFeur Blue to get the customs C14 paper work. The I dinked across Hog island to Secret Harbor and walked up to the Bank then to E-zone to pick up my pump. While I was that far up the road I then walked down to True Blue to see the Vet and get more meds for the puppies and make an appointment for their annual checkup and vaccinations. Then on the way back I hit the Brewery at about 12:30 for a big glass of water and an "old mongoose." That made the last part of the walk up to hill and back to Secret Harbor much easier… Then dinked back home to see the puppies. Just now getting home at about 1:30pm. All of this walking a mess saved me over $ECD 500 in duties and taxes for a pump. Time to have ice tea, water and something for lunch.

Lazy Sunday

I received an email that my boat parts are ready for pickup at e-Zone. I have to pay lots of tariffs, fees, etc. This is the one thing I don't like about Grenada and I hope they move away from the heavy taxes on imports.
Once I pick the package up, I get to reassemble my water maker and return my main cabin to real living space!!! That will keep me very busy as it will trigger a chain of events (aka more boat projects).

Stirred from my bed at 9:30PM

By a loud noise that seemed to come from the deck. I turned on the spreader lights and started up the companion way only to here that this really bad noise was coming from below deck. I turned around and into the cabin. I turned on the light at the Nav station and heard the sound in the galley. I thought for sure I would find one of the dogs having seizures on the boat at their age. I looked over to see Jupiter on his tummy relaxed and startled with a 14inch Mackerel flopping on the galley floor in front of him. I grabbed a paper towel, picked up the fish and tossed it out of the boat.
This thing jumped out of the water and through the midship Galley Hatch! to end up on the floor inside the boat flopping like crazy in front of Jupiter. I'll have a smirk on my face for a while. Now I have to get rid of the fish smell inside the galley!

WAN router is not working

I may have to get a new router for the boat… the old one was a Buffalo and it worked great for many years, but not so great today…
Boat cooking: This is a boat pizza made in an iron #5 skillet using a burritos crust, pizza sauce (tomato and spices) then meat and veggies topped with cheese in the oven (hot 400deg) for 15 min.

Earthquake 7.3

The earthquake was 7.3 between Venezuela and Trinidad. I felt it here at anchor on the boat. It was weird to have the entire boat pulse up and down for 30 seconds or so. Everyone here is fine. I don't think there was any damage here in Grenada. May here more in the morning give that all of the house here or on stilts.

St Geo. From the south side of the Carenage

This picture was taken by a friend and it shows the opposite side of the Carenage. Everyone takes pictures of St. Geo from the other direction cause it shows more of the hill side covered with colorful buildings and roofs.
6-13 janvier 20182018, E30., St-Georges Jan 10 to 14-30 (1)

Dogs after Carnival

Yes the puppies are party animals… This picture were take late the next day… They didn't wake up until 2PM…


Carnival in Grenada

So this year I did "Fancy Mass" or the "Last Lap" here in Grenada. I did not move very well the following day.
Here are a few picture in daylight - this party went well into the night!


In Grenada, this should be on your bucket list!!! Nothing like it!

Carnival is upon us

Yep it is time to party… Pan bands start on Saturday The Night Mass is on Monday, the Fancy Mass is on Tuesday. I'll have pictures

Tips from friends

Tonight I made pizza using a quick method suggested by friends. Make pizza sauce (paste, sugar, fennel, oregano, garlic and hot peppers) then put a flour tortilla in a heavy skillet. Top this with sauce, and anything else you want. Grate cheese on top and bake in a hot oven 400F for 15 minutes.
Yum Yum Yum, thin crust with all the goodies I like.

Today the rain stopped and now it is time to wash the dogs

The dog hate the idea of being washed, but they love the act of being soaped down and rubbed from head to toe. We ran the engine yesterday so we should have hot water today. Jupiter is going to rebel and Cinco will hide in the aft cabin. All the same we had a zero tick count today so it is time for the rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub. They won't get hair cuts for another couple of weeks.