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From a Barefoot charter boat in SVG with family
    If you Google me, you will find the first 15 or so pages are things I’ve done that can be discussed.  I’ve done many things I can never talk about in my career and many I should never talk about.  All the same, I have a Ph.D. but never like to use the title “Dr.” It bothered me to be called Doctor when I was in my 20‘s.  At best I’ll put Ph.D. at the end of my name on formal materials.
    I have
TWO mini-schnauzers!  They make me smile every day.  One of them even has a Facebook page.  A house (in my case, a boat) isn’t a home without a mini-schnauzer or two.
    I love a simple life and sailing.  As a result, being a live aboard sailor suites me well.  I don’t watch TV or use a microwave oven.  So moving on board was not a big thing.  I just gave all the furniture away and stored a few things at my brother’s house.  The hardest things to give up were the cookware that wouldn’t fit onboard, the computers, and the herb garden.  But in return I have a comfortable home that easily does 6 kts, will sometimes go up to 8 kts, and has no problem when the wind starts to blow.  Best of all, when I get to my destination, I get to sleep in my own bed.
    Many hard core sailors will not call my choice of a boat and systems simple.  I don’t think I should spend my days on a boat in the same way I spent them paddling the wilderness in a canoe.  This is not a three week camping trip, it’s my home.  All the same, it is a lot simpler than life on land.
NAME  Cy Ardoin, Ph.D.
Hailing Port  Annapolis, Maryland
  Palm City, Florida
JOB  Retired Salt Miner
OBJECTIVE  Sailing/Cruising/Live Aboard
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