April 2019

Easter Lunch at Taffy's

Roasted lamb, Yorkshire pudding and lots of sides. It was a nice way to have a meal especial since my fridge is acting up. Next week refrigerator repairs.
We are going to see a movie tonight. All is Lost (robert redford) and he screws things up quite a bit. Last night we watched "adrift" now that movie is more realistic.
Happy Easter!

Last Cricket match will be on May Day

This Cricket match is just for fun and the winner will get a case of beer. LOL
Last week was hard on most of us here in Grenada. A great guy died suddenly. I still cry every time I see pictures posted on facebook. He helped me with Gerry when we thought Gerry would die at any day.
Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!
I'm having some strange problems with the freezer… I need to dump the locker and get down to the compressor and see if it is just a loose wire or something worse. If may just need a little R123a. I have a spare controller and compressor if needed.