Puppy Papers are here!@!@!

Yeh, we have the papers to get the puppies into BVI's. Now I have to scan them and email them to the BVI's.
It will be nice to head to St. Johns and Bitter End… But I just put the Clark pump in the shop to be repaired. should be done in a couple of days.

Too many stars tonight

I never thought I'd say that there were too many stars, but tonight the clouds are gone and the moon is near New and there are too many stars out. I cannot easily find the stars I know because so many others are in the way. I guess this is a first world problem!!!! Well not quite cause the first world would never sees this many stars :) (thank you Edison)
I need to pull out Mitch's start charts and see if I can get a sextant fix on one of them, not sure how I will identify them given the number of stars and the blur of the Milkyway across the center of the sky tonight. I might have to sleep on the deck tonight!

Ah, boat repairs in exotic tropical locations

Just pulled the Clark pump out. Only three new bleeding cuts as a result. I think I have everything marked properly to replace it once the shop is done with the rebuild. Here goes a little of the emergency repair money. I'll deliver it to the shop on Monday and it should be back within a week. Three days ago we had a cat-n-dog rain - I used that to fill the water thanks with fresh rain water, so living without the Clark pump for a week shouldn't be a problem. Next project is either the bow lights or the cockpit panel… either is a major move of stored materials to gain access… What else am I going to do, swim, snorkel, walk the beach…. nothing like a good boat repair day ;)

Swimming with Dogs

I made the doggies go swimming again today, but this time we went for 15 min or more. Jupiter is a great swimmer (always has been) using the classic doggy paddle. Cinco on the other hand is not so good, he keeps raising his front paws out of the water in an attempt to step on top of the water, as a result, he splashes a lot and his butt sinks in the water. The only thing that keeps him above the water is his life vest. Both dogs are sleeping well today after the morning swim. Hopefully, Cinco will learn to keep his paws down when swimming. Once we get the puppy papers in we will sail to St. Johns and spend the weekend at a couple of anchorages on the North side of the island. The we will check in to Sopers Bay in BVI on Tuesday before we move on to Virgin Gorda. I have to check the maps, we may stop somewhere for a day or two before getting to Bitter End Yacht Club.

82 deg water

A dip and swim at sunrise and one at sunset. This is great. The puppies are liking the morning swim as well. Puppies went for a long walk on the beach and road on the south side of Red Hook USVI. Made a fresh batch of puppy Jambalaya (and the dogs were very interested in daddy's cooking). Repacked the sail, clean the rugs (again, thanks to blind boy Jupiter). Took the dink out for a spin. Opened a bottle of Zaya rum and prepared dinner. I think I'm finally relaxing. I have to marinade the chicken for Turkey Day dinner. I'll try to sleep in Thursday AM (let's try for 7AM instead of the normal 4:30AM). Solar and wind almost kept up with the boats needs today, so there is not engine charging today. The squalls have died down and the sun and trade winds are kicking in. The hook is deeply buried in the sand. The stereo is playing my iPod favorites, the moon is waning near New and the stars are bright. This is nice :) This is good :) I may have to have one more shot of rum while I watch the stars from out on the deck and listen to Florence and the Machine, CSN, Etta James, and Nina Simone.

A day to unwind!!!

Not doing much today… took the dogs to the beach and played in the sand and water, fed them a big meal and starting charging the batteries. Finished the laundry and plotting the next batch (winter clothes that i wore before leaving Chesapeake). Putting things back in their normal place (moved lots of stuff around to make room for crew). Nice weather, nice breeze, after today, I'll have to start on the boat projects. Yes it is a boat and they always need repairs. This time the wiring on the bow needs to be replaced. It is un-tinned copper so it corrodes right through. Also have to bed the deck prisms, one of the started leaking on the trip down here overtime we took on green water. I need to lookup parts for the water maker as the high-pressure side of the system is leaking and needs a new seal. Those are the starter projects. I also have some interior door light switches to repair or replace. I'll save those for a rainy day.

Cinco and Jupiter went for a swim

Cinco and Jupiter went swimming today at the beach on red hook. It was really fun!!! They say they want to go again in the morning. Jupiter loves to swim even if Cinco climbs on top of him. Cinco was taking to the water as well he usually doesn't like to swim, but he was all in today, no hesitation.

St Thomas

We made land fall just after sunset near the airport. It was a safe entry and much better to anchor overnight than to sail in circles overnight waiting for the sun to rise. Moving on to Red Hook in the morning.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my birthday… we are having burger wraps and key lime pie!!!

Sensor moved

I moved the sensor so now the HDG is consistent, but not accurate… we will have to recalibrate the sensor if we get calm seas. Otherwise, it will wait until we get to St. Thomas., Nice sailing today.

Heading sensor

It appears that the heading sensor is being affected by the LPG system. I have run a few test and it appears to be the problem. I'll move the sensor in the morning and hope that fixes the problem.

Gale at sea

Today the wind continued to build. We have the staysail and a reefed main up. We have seen 30kts + of wind, I took Nancy's watch as a precaution. Later in the day, Wolf was sailing with 38kts of wind by 2000 hours GMT, things are beginning to calm down, only 22kts. We expect to have this continue from the north west for the next day or two. AWESOME sailing!!!

Cinco at Sea

It has been 3 days and Cinco has not peed. I'm worried. I've taken him on deck a few times so that he can see why we are not going ashore. Finally today, he went down below and emptied. I was so stressed and now relieved that I had a beer while in the ocean (against my own rules). Otherwise the puppies are doing well at sea. Hopefully I can keep them fed and happy even thought the boat is rocking. I have to find a new way to deal with them underway, the pad on the deck doesn't work, it is too scary for them.

Departing for the tropics

The weather window is open. I would have left on Wednesday, but I have two crew members that are not up to open ocean sailing. So we are leaving today. We should make it across the Gulf Stream before the next cold front passes. The next cold front should be milder that the one that just went through.

Starting our trip south

We started our trip south on Oct 31 and are currently in Hampton VA. We will be staying here for a couple of days to let the weather systems calm down before heading out into the Atlantic. So far all is going well, just a few minor boat things to deal with while we are in Hampton.