82 deg water

A dip and swim at sunrise and one at sunset. This is great. The puppies are liking the morning swim as well. Puppies went for a long walk on the beach and road on the south side of Red Hook USVI. Made a fresh batch of puppy Jambalaya (and the dogs were very interested in daddy's cooking). Repacked the sail, clean the rugs (again, thanks to blind boy Jupiter). Took the dink out for a spin. Opened a bottle of Zaya rum and prepared dinner. I think I'm finally relaxing. I have to marinade the chicken for Turkey Day dinner. I'll try to sleep in Thursday AM (let's try for 7AM instead of the normal 4:30AM). Solar and wind almost kept up with the boats needs today, so there is not engine charging today. The squalls have died down and the sun and trade winds are kicking in. The hook is deeply buried in the sand. The stereo is playing my iPod favorites, the moon is waning near New and the stars are bright. This is nice :) This is good :) I may have to have one more shot of rum while I watch the stars from out on the deck and listen to Florence and the Machine, CSN, Etta James, and Nina Simone.