Cinco is dead

Today, Greystoke Cinco Liebenshund is no longer with us. He was Jupiter's half-brother and best friend. He was 16 years old but the spinal infection and age has taken a toll on him.
Cinco was the boatswain on SV MUSIC for 12 years. He was really good a patrolling the deck and finding anything that was out of order. He couldn’t fix it but he would let us know that something had to be fixed. He would also bark if any alarms went off in the boat!
His sailing resume is impressive and we think that any insurance underwriter would give him a policy. Since 2008 he has been the boatswain for a 44ft open ocean classic boat and he has thousands of miles under his little keel - including 18ft seas and many days with gale force winds hundreds of mile out into the Atlantic ocean.
He his now resting on the south side of Hog Island in Grenada WI so that he can see the Atlantic and Crib Sea and watch the waves crash on the reef in front to the beach where we would have “doggie” Friday cookouts and swim parties with all the other dogs.
We will all miss that SALTY DOG!
5th puppy born at 5PM weighting 5oz…. so Cinco was his name.