Picture of the mast being installed after the rigging was replaced. Sorry this is late, should have posted it in April

Her is a photo of the crane holding the mast as they are trying to line here up to step her on the boat.

Got the Radar pole gear removed

With some help from TK I've got the radar pole and all the gear removed. I have to take it to Kato this week to see what they can do to make it right. The one bolt that was left holding the rig up was very worn. Good thing we tied her up on the sail to and from Bermuda otherwise that bolt would have snapped. Everything else looks good, there is one antenna wire that has some outer shielding damage, but that should not be hard to deal with. I'll have to repack the lockers, but likely won't do that for a few more days as I have to lube the steering mech.
I'm also looking to replace the autopilot computer, the drive unit and sensors are all compatible with the new unit. i'll post more if i do this.

Rigger was on the boat

A few mile from entering the Bay after the sail from Bermuda, we hit a wave and the head sail began to luff. We looked at it and figured the halyard had chafed through. We rolled the head sail and then used the staysail and engine to get back home. A couple of days ago, the rigger was up on the boat. Everything was exactly as it was when we furled the head sail.
So this is what the rigger had to say:
The original titanium Profurl swivel link plate ring cracked through and allowed the halyard snap shackle to come off the ring.( see photo )How old is the furler?  We replaced it with a shackle as well as a new top plastic bearing that was damaged when it parted. It's all good now.
So now we are good to go… However, I inspected that ring about 1 week before the race and it was good. And the rigger pulled the mast and service the furler before the race… This is one of those unexpected wear and tear items

New IKEA rugs are working

I got several cheap rugs (runners) at IKEA for Jupiter. They are working. He can have "accidents" and all i have to do is roll the rug up, toss it in the cock pit, put a clean rug down, wash the spoiled run and put it on the deck to dry. Jupiter had an accident last night and today. So far - so good. Oh, I came home today and he was stuck in a corner, he didn't know where he was and why he couldn't move forward. It was both cute and sad at the same time. He is getting used to being blind, but I imagine I will find him stuck in corners many more times in the future.

Varnishing has begun

I started the varnish process this weekend. First is the blister and damage repair. Once a few coats have been applied to those areas, then I'll have to do 3 coats over the entire boat. I'm doing the toe rail first, then once that is done I'll do the coaming and the eyebrow. Lucky that today the temps and humidity are lower. I had the code-0 repaired this week. They changed out the spectra line at the fuller and installed it with only one link to the tack of the sail. This should work. I still have to pull down the platform on the radar pole and get that re-made. I've already talked to Kato about it, just need to deliver the platform to them and work out the details of the repair. Still moving stuff back onto the boat. I'm using this as an opportunity to dump stuff that I really don't need. So when it comes out of storage, I look it over and decide if it is needed. If not, it gets donated. This will go on for a few weeks.
I'm looking at hauling the boat in the next month. If so, I should replace the transducer and if i do that I may also replace the autopilot computer. It appears that the drive unit, the sensors and the fluxgate can be used with a new computer so the cost should be limited. I'll have to get approval from Jupiter to do this. I'll wait a few days to spring that one on him :) he is the purser for Music and this would be an predicted expense.

Jupiter is now Blind Boy Jupie

Jupiter has been losing his sight for the past few weeks. As of this week, he is 90d% blind. He walked right off the dock earlier this week (in his life vest) and I had to retrieve him. He hasn't seen a squirrel or bunny rabbit in the past month. He has walked into tree trunks and T-boned his brother while walking. Today he walked diagonal down the finger pier and fell in just before I could catch him. Starting tomorrow the routine for dog walks will have to change. I will have to hand carry him. No more setting him on the finger pier or the boat and hoping he can find his way.
All the same, Blind Boy Jupie is a wonderful dog and still the purser for SV Music.
Happy 4th… The rain has stopped and the fireworks should be nice tonight.