Going to the USA for a week

No family visiting this year to mule down goodies. So I'm flying to Atlanta to visit and show for a week. Should be fun. Puppies are going into the Pet Hotel here a true blue.

Done with the antibiotics

Today was the last dose of antibiotics associated with the dog bite to my leg. The wound is still open and bleeds a bit but it also started itching a couple of days ago. The deep punctures are healing, but the surface is still open to allow anything inside to ooze out. It should heal over in the next few days. The dog is in custody of the Enviro/Health Org of the Government.
I'm heading to Atlanta in the next week to visit and shop. More on the results when I get back.

Attacked by dogs in Grenada

Last night I was attacked by two dogs and one of them took a good bite into my leg. I reported to the police last night and this morning I went out with a machete and bat to find the dog and its owner. I found them and the owner says the dog has no vaccinations. Stop today, the Dr. for drugs and the Gov. Health service to file reports to get the dog identified and tracked. Ugh. I'm going to carry the mini-Louisville Slugger with me from now on.

Cricket awards

We didn't win but we go a trophy all the same!!!
Cricket is fun!
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Doggy Hair Cuts

Oh they hate me so much for cutting hair. It takes two or three times to do it. We started on Monday with the clipper to trim the hair on their bodies, but no legs trimmings and not heads!!! A day later a bit of trim on the torso using the electric clippers…. Today, finally, comb and hand shears, we got the rest of them clipped and they are looking great!!! and they are happy with daddy… damb dogs!!! Every three months we go through this hell!!! But I love them all the same and they are so cute and handsome all clipped and trimmed!