Another puppy Friday

On this Friday it was just drinks and snacks. Sade from Island Dream was there with her new hair cut! No swimming this Friday as the tide was high and the waves were a little big for small dogs like us. I think Smokey ran in to the water for a little bit. Daddy got "Pickapeppa" sause and cream cheese for a flash back to the 1960/1970's. Everyone liked it.
Today we are going swimming on Hog Island and then we are going to get washed down with warm water, fed and put to bed. Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Puppy Sundowner Party on the South side of Hog

Friday is puppy sundowner party day. Today there were 6 puppies on the beach and the humans had a BBQ of Wuerste with Vee's homemade Kraut!!!
Every one had fun.

Wednesday Stir Fry

Tonight it was beef stir fry. I think I need to marinade the beef cause the flavor conflicted with the other veggies and sause.
Hoisin Sause may be the solution. All the same it was really good and filling. I love the really long green beans they have here, but I think they are going out of season soon. Mandarine juice is in season now…. Yummm just got my first bottle today… i'll have to get two bottles next week!

Dogs and people

Last week I yelled at Phil for his comments about me and my dogs. Every time I see Phil (for over a year) with my dogs Phil has some snotty remarks to make. Last week at the 9 ball pool game I yelled at him after he made one of his comments about me and my dogs. Today I saw Phil and apologized for yelling at him and let him know that the comments he makes about me and my dogs are not appreciated. I also told him to keep those comment to himself. His reply was less than satisfactory as he implied that they were about me and not just my dogs. All the same if he makes comments like that again I'm going to "clock" him and he may be missing a few teeth as a result.
Don't fuck with me and my dogs!

My last Jar of Wickles has popped!

Last night, dinner was asian stir fry!
Wickles are awesome. If you don't know Wickles (trademark, copyright etc….) you don't know pickle chips or relish!!! My last jar of Wickles relish was located today in a back locker. My heart jumped with joy. Oh!!! the hot dogs, sandwiches, and peas I could have with these!!!
One problem, the button on the lid has popped!!! AUGH! the PAIN! the HURT! NO MORE WICKLES!!! NO DREAMS OF HOT DOG and Poor Boy HEAVEN AT THE BEACH!!!
I'll have to learn how to make my own. Now how much sugar vs pepper do they use? I'll figure it out.


Puppy vet Day today

Yes, the boys went to the Vet today to get updated paperwork, meds and vaccinations….
We have to get ready to travel after the Hurricanes are all gone. They have a new tick medication as of today…. Hopefully it will work better than the other things we've been using.