Underwater Park

The guests are here and we are in the house. I haven't been posting cause the laptop stayed on the boat for a few days. On Thursday we hiked around the Grand Etang Lake and yesterday we went to the underwater protected area and the underwater garden.
Here are a few pictures of the statues in the garden. Pictures don't do it justice.
When you see this all you can say is, "WOW!"

Egmont Grenada

We are in the back bay of Egmont. The primary anchor jammed at about 50ft of chain. I threw out the secondary and she is set, but we are really close to the shore. I don't like this, but it will do for a couple days. I have to empty the V-berth to get to the anchor locker and find out what has cause the chain the jam in the hawsepipe.
Otherwise life is good…. sisters and coming to visit. Cooking fresh puppy food today.

Moving the boat

This weekend we will move to boat to Egmont Bay in Grenada cause my sisters have rented a house there for a couple of weeks. I've already given the taxi (chico's express) a heads up that I'll need a lift to the Airport on Monday. The dogs know something is going on, but they aren't so sure what it is. They will be so excited to see old friends!!! It is amazing that they remember everyone they have ever met in their lives.
Jolene is coming to join us the following week. We will try to save the Cutty tour and the Turtle watch on the north end of the island until she gets here.

Hair Cut Day

Yesterday the pups got baths and today was the first attempt at hair cuts. They did pretty good, but we will have to trim up a few spots on Tuesday. Almost everything is repacked. I still have to service the engine, generator and connect the new navigation lights. Sister coming next Monday so we will have to provision a few things. I also have to run into the city to get a driver's license and check out a hardware store in town for the last few items I need for boat projects.

Working on the V-berth

I cleaned and then did and inventory of the cabs in the V-berth. I moved winter clothing around and I am now debating how to repack the V-berth. This project has to be completed by Saturday evening so I can move on to other projects and full interior cleaning of the boat (UGH Vinegar and water).
The wind has been blowing like all heck the past few days. The sun is shining and so we have not run the engine or generator in 10 days and the batteries are still fully charged!!! Hot water is the issue now. I have to get use to filling the solar bag every day and then using that water before 8pm each day or it goes cold. If I don't do this every day, I have to fire up the diesel furnace to have a hot shower and shave or wash dishes in hot water.

Sails are now up and the lazaret repacked

Got the sails up yesterday with some help from a friend. I also finished my projects under the cockpit and got the lazaret repacked. I still have to repack the V-berth and then clean the boat. One of the problems when you live on a boat is determining how to pack the lockers and V-berth. You need to pack them so that the things you need to access periodically are easy to get to and the things you won't need for a year or so are deeper in the storage. That includes special situation (like storms sails etc.). I did this last year, but not with great success as the scuba stuff was too far back and the emergency stuff was way to hard to access quickly. I'll try again, hopefully this time I'll get it right. After living on the ocean for a couple of years I should be able to do this right.
I will be going to help a friend get off a mooring in the morning. They have been there for 11 months. Not sure where they plan to anchor; I imagine they will be here in Clarks Court Bay. They had the bottom cleaned and the engine serviced so we should be good to move.
I have to go grocery shopping on Friday and then to the hardware and chandlery stores on Saturday. After that I will have to plan to move to Egmont Bay to meet my sisters when they come to Grenada. For now they are calling for high winds and seas so not sure when I'll move the boat since I have to head east over a few reefs to get there. I still have to service the engine and a couple of strainers. I also have to polish the stainless steel on the boat. Varnish work will begin again after the sister leave for the US.

Still power neutral

But the wind has been blowing like hell here for the past few days. The winds are expected to calm down in the next two or three days. I should be able to bend the head sail this Tuesday. It is nice to be power neutral, but now I have to find ways to make hot water :)

Power Neutral

The problem with the solar control was a fuse. That has been fixed. Now for the first time in over a year we are carbon neutral. We are generating more power than we consume using solar and wind. Yeh. It is nice to have the wind generator back up and all the solar panels working. I may have to run the inverter this afternoon to charge the laptop and run the vacuum cleaner. It is almost 12:00 here and I'm already +8Amp hours on the bank. I still have a few more hours of sun shine and wind to go.