June 2016

A2B completed

The race started on June 10 and we finished in 6 days and one hour. The return started Monday the 20th and we returned in 6 days 4 hours. Great crew for the race and the return trip. I think everyone learned a bit about open water sailing and big heavy boats. Over 1600 miles travelled and she did very well.
Overall damage: One toilet seat broken, the radar/wind generator mount is trashed (it couldn't handle the loads of repeated pitch, roll and yawl), two cracked cockpit instrument covers. On the return trip, the radar/wind generate mount is totally trashed (same thing but just got worse with a broken bolt as well) two clutches damaged (cause now known, see next item) sheaves on traveler damaged causing excessive strain on the lines (not sure when the port side sheave was damaged, but it will have to be replaced. And finally, the head sail furler swivel separated from the halyard as we entered the Bay on the return (cause and specifics still not known). I'm waiting for a rigger to get here and inspect the furler before I take down the sail.
In addition, 1600 miles puts wear on all the parts, looks like the bushings in the steering system will have to be greased, a few lines have chafe spots and will have to be replaced, the main sail has one chafe spot where the stopper block for the story try-sail is mounted, chain plate cover screws are not 316 stainless- all are rusting, and the secondary VHF radio fried before the start of the race.