Sorry for not posting

I am still the primary care provider for an 86 yo man that will soon die. I told him a few days ago that the time for keeping this secret is past… He has accepted that and is now telling people what is going on. One of his last requests is to sing on Tuesday night at the local place called Taffy's in lower Woburn. I will do everything I can to make sure he is there to sing! This is taking a toll on me as well. I've solicited help from others nearby and they are all willing to help. He has a small dog and he thinks that is girlfriend in TX is going to come down and retrieve… She has no intention of doing that… Looks like I will have another dog soon but I will need to find him a home cause I do not want more dogs. Today he called me on the radio at 7AM for urgent help to get him to the Dr.… I got him the help he needed but wasn't back on the boat until 2PM. I coordinate the Taxi, lawyers, and the Dr. Office, etc… This is getting hard to do. My primary dink has been on my bow for over a week and only today did I have time to inflate 1/2 of it to find the leaks…. I still have more to do the finish the repairs. I don't know how much longer I can do this :( He is no longer asking for a gun after I explained to he how it really works in countries with real caring Dr.s.

A day to remember

I spent my morning and lunch (about 4 hours) listening to the life stories of a dying man here in Grenada. It was wonderful. The stories were not that great, but the fact that he was telling them was great. We persuaded him to set up an appointment to see another doctor to explain what he can expect to happen to him in the next few weeks. I'll be taking him to that appointment. We are also working to get him to express his last wishes so they can be documented and turned over to a lawyer as his "will." He has not told his children or any of his family in the US what is happening to him. He again asked for a gun.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is the most awesome delivery medium for puppy medication. THEY CANNOT RESIST IT!!!
I love how well it works! Bacon Grease is the second most popular deliver medium for puppy meds, but it is a bit messy compared to Peanut Butter. I tried raw chicken liver but it doesn't score nearly as high as the other alternatives.

Now for some good news

Cinco has been on antibiotics for a week now and he is now alert, barking, and more stable on his feet. He is almost eating all of his food. Our next SGU visit is schedule for the 17th when both he and Jupiter have to go for blood tests. We still have 3 more weeks of antibiotics, but so far it is looking better. I just need to figure out how to fatten him up a bit. I tried adding raw chicken livers to his food, but he isn't really into that. All the same he is going to get them added to his food until the bag of livers in the fridge is gone. (Jupiter sure loves them, but he doesn't need to gain weight)

Another Sad Day

Tears again. ... A boater in Grenada has just been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. If you know him, ignore this message cause the last thing he want is your sympathy! I think that is GREAT! and we respect it! He asked me today if I had a gun he could borrow. We have no guns on the boat. One other boater nearby says that he receive a dose of meds that will work when he wants it to work. I will be checking in on him each day to make sure he is doing okay. In a few weeks I expect to have to remove him from his boat. Please if you know who this may be - keep your mouth shut!!! He doesn't want your sympathy!!! We respect that! Please respect that as well!