February 2016


I though I had a spare impeller for the generator. I was in the bag of spare parts and had the brand name of the generator on it. But after I pull the cover and implore out of the men set that i realize that the replacement was for a much bigger generator that I have. Hell, this impeller could have serviced the Queen Mary…. So i dug around the boat for the spares and found a NorthernLights impeller that fits :) I'll have to get three spares on Tuesday at Bay Shore.
Wow, its 2/29 once in a rare instance to post.
Otherwise. I've made a reservation for the boat at the Bermuda Royal Dinghy Club for the boat this June for he A2B race. I have Quantum showing up in the morning to measure for a Code-0 sail.

Almost done with the Sea Strainers

I had one very rusted SS hose clamp that was used to tie a Groco 503 to the mount. This took a few hours to break without damaging the Groco. I tried 4 or 5 different was to break this one free. Now it is free and I have new fitting a spare. I think I will toss this Groco since it shows galvanic corrosion and this is unusual, but the SS filter was rusting as well as the 3/4 connections. This filer is grounded to a solid copper wire while all the others are grounded to green stranded cables as part of the overall ground. This strainer is for the A/C unit. So I'm going to ground the new 503 to the standard ground plane. As a result, the replacement will not be installed until Monday. I remove the Halon system in the engine "room" so I can have it service as well. I had to remove it to gain access to the output side of the sea strainers.

Sea Strainers

Today was the day to clean all the sea strainers. The seals are getting a bit brittle and two of them showed signs of seepage. Looks like I'll be a Fawcetts getting gasket kits for all the strainers. I image that if the lid seal is getting brittle then the bowl seal will also have to be changed. This is going to be a pain of a project given that I have 4 strainers to rebuild, but getting the out and then putting them back will be the bigger challenge. Ah boat projects :)
Otherwise, it was 63 degrees today, that is nice for Feb. 20. For now the forecast are not calling for bitter cold days - maybe winter is ending. This winter was mild compared to the past two. I've only used about 15 gal of diesel and most of that was in the last few weeks. Last year was 64 gal and the year before that was about 110 gal. (that was a brutal winter). What is really nice this winter is that it is my last winter up here!