Almost done with the Sea Strainers

I had one very rusted SS hose clamp that was used to tie a Groco 503 to the mount. This took a few hours to break without damaging the Groco. I tried 4 or 5 different was to break this one free. Now it is free and I have new fitting a spare. I think I will toss this Groco since it shows galvanic corrosion and this is unusual, but the SS filter was rusting as well as the 3/4 connections. This filer is grounded to a solid copper wire while all the others are grounded to green stranded cables as part of the overall ground. This strainer is for the A/C unit. So I'm going to ground the new 503 to the standard ground plane. As a result, the replacement will not be installed until Monday. I remove the Halon system in the engine "room" so I can have it service as well. I had to remove it to gain access to the output side of the sea strainers.