Lots has changed

We have confirmed cases here and for the past week we are under Emergency Powers for 21 days. Yesterday they announced 24/7 curfew. As of 7PM today nobody is allowed to leave their home unless it is a medical emergency or you have to get food. For food, the government is going to post which stores will be open and when (days and times) and only one family member can go shopping and only at a store in their local region. This curfew will last for 7 days. I've got everything I need except chocolate, but a friend may bring some by later today before the curfew starts.

Hunkered down in Grenada

The virus has everyone hunkered down here. The gov stopped private plane 2 weeks ago and then they stopped cruise ships. They closed schools and churches and sent the Univ students home. They are requiring medical test of all private boat entering and they will close the airport at midnight on Monday. Those boats that have been here for more than a week are not quarantined. All new boat coming in are required to quarantine.
Still no identified cases of the virus here. One tourist that stayed for a week at the Raddison Hotel later went to St. Lucia and was found positive. All of the staff associated with this tourist have been tested and are negative.
Given the number of tourist that have been here in the past few months, I imagine the virus is here but has not been detected as of yet.

I just rediscovered these picture from the atlanic crossing in 2016

Yes here are some nice photo of me and the crew on the outside passage, 16ft plus waves.The dogs in their life harnesses having a rest in the cock pit.

Music at anchor in the virgins


Cy at the helm in 16ft breaking seas. Yes they don't look that big in the photo. But look at the breaking wave on my left side. It was a great ride for 1700miles…. Cinco wanted to kill me for that….

Sorry the pictures haven't been reduced to 480X so they may overflow the window. This was a 1700 mile passage to the Carib. Just rediscovered these photos today

Just got an email from a classmate of mine

I haven't seen Murray in over twenty years. It brought tears to my eyes. I had to delay the Grenada Net for a few minutes to recover. It is so nice to hear from old friends! She found me on Google.
Now I'm thinking of Annette, I cried for 3 days after I heard what happed to her over 20 years ago. She was my sweet heart and made the best fried chicken I ever had. These were some of my best friends in school. Nice to hear that Murray is doing well.
I haven't heard from Beth Miller, Sandy Fontenot, Michelle or Bridgette. Maybe soon I will hear from them as well.

No clouds last night, STARS

Last night was great for star watching. I haven't seen it this clear in a few years. Hope to see more in the next few weeks. The Souther Cross is begging to rise after midnight. The milky way has set already.