February 2020

I just went to see the grave site for the boys

Now that I'm back on the boat, I miss them so much. I went to see them today. I'll have to get some more paint for Cinco. Otherwise all is well. I cried a bit, but okay. Their little Christmas stockings are sill on their cap stones. AGHHHHHA… I miss those two little vermin.

I still cry when I see their pictures

After updating the pages today I reviewed what was online. I still cry when I see pictures of my dogs.
I don't know that that will never end… I miss them so much.

Winter Vacation

We will start with pictures from Annapolis and my sailing crew and friends

Then to Alabama and Louisiana

Finally in Georgia:


It was lots of fun, but I will never go back in the winter time again! tooo coooold for meee

Just spent 3 weeks in the USA

I will post up pictures and info in the next few days. It was fun!