Back at Woburn Bay

Nice sail down 18 to 35Kts of wind for one half of the trip. at 9 to 12ft seas. It was so nice to see my boat can still do it in open atlantic waters. i do try to keep her in shape. She was wonderful at gale force winds. nothing went wrong after almost 2 years on anchor. I do regular maintenance to her to make sure she is always able to sail. This was 8Kts for over 2 hours. SWEEEEEEET

Beach Day

Spent most of the day at Paridise Beach in Carriacou. Lots of swimming, beach walking and some great fish tacos. On the hike back to Tyrell two friends I haven't seen in a while got off the local bus and walked with me to a local bar for a drink. They were shocked to see me wearing shorts instead of my usual long pants. It was a good day. Wish the dogs could have been with me for it.
Things have changed on the beach in the last 20 years, not there are 8 beach bars instead of just one.

11.5 hours to Carriacou

It was great to get the boat sailing again. A few spots of dead air on the west side of Grenada but otherwise 12 to 15kts of wind. Best of all only a couple of things went wrong after the boat has sat for over a year on a mooring.

going on the Woburn city unruly pirate floatila

It will be nice to get the boat moving again. every thing is set to go at 7AM this saturday

Preparing the boat or sailimg

yes finally, prepping to go sailing again. Going up island for a week for a change of scenery.