Varnishing has begun

I started the varnish process this weekend. First is the blister and damage repair. Once a few coats have been applied to those areas, then I'll have to do 3 coats over the entire boat. I'm doing the toe rail first, then once that is done I'll do the coaming and the eyebrow. Lucky that today the temps and humidity are lower. I had the code-0 repaired this week. They changed out the spectra line at the fuller and installed it with only one link to the tack of the sail. This should work. I still have to pull down the platform on the radar pole and get that re-made. I've already talked to Kato about it, just need to deliver the platform to them and work out the details of the repair. Still moving stuff back onto the boat. I'm using this as an opportunity to dump stuff that I really don't need. So when it comes out of storage, I look it over and decide if it is needed. If not, it gets donated. This will go on for a few weeks.
I'm looking at hauling the boat in the next month. If so, I should replace the transducer and if i do that I may also replace the autopilot computer. It appears that the drive unit, the sensors and the fluxgate can be used with a new computer so the cost should be limited. I'll have to get approval from Jupiter to do this. I'll wait a few days to spring that one on him :) he is the purser for Music and this would be an predicted expense.