Swimming with Dogs

I made the doggies go swimming again today, but this time we went for 15 min or more. Jupiter is a great swimmer (always has been) using the classic doggy paddle. Cinco on the other hand is not so good, he keeps raising his front paws out of the water in an attempt to step on top of the water, as a result, he splashes a lot and his butt sinks in the water. The only thing that keeps him above the water is his life vest. Both dogs are sleeping well today after the morning swim. Hopefully, Cinco will learn to keep his paws down when swimming. Once we get the puppy papers in we will sail to St. Johns and spend the weekend at a couple of anchorages on the North side of the island. The we will check in to Sopers Bay in BVI on Tuesday before we move on to Virgin Gorda. I have to check the maps, we may stop somewhere for a day or two before getting to Bitter End Yacht Club.