A day to unwind!!!

Not doing much today… took the dogs to the beach and played in the sand and water, fed them a big meal and starting charging the batteries. Finished the laundry and plotting the next batch (winter clothes that i wore before leaving Chesapeake). Putting things back in their normal place (moved lots of stuff around to make room for crew). Nice weather, nice breeze, after today, I'll have to start on the boat projects. Yes it is a boat and they always need repairs. This time the wiring on the bow needs to be replaced. It is un-tinned copper so it corrodes right through. Also have to bed the deck prisms, one of the started leaking on the trip down here overtime we took on green water. I need to lookup parts for the water maker as the high-pressure side of the system is leaking and needs a new seal. Those are the starter projects. I also have some interior door light switches to repair or replace. I'll save those for a rainy day.