Stirred from my bed at 9:30PM

By a loud noise that seemed to come from the deck. I turned on the spreader lights and started up the companion way only to here that this really bad noise was coming from below deck. I turned around and into the cabin. I turned on the light at the Nav station and heard the sound in the galley. I thought for sure I would find one of the dogs having seizures on the boat at their age. I looked over to see Jupiter on his tummy relaxed and startled with a 14inch Mackerel flopping on the galley floor in front of him. I grabbed a paper towel, picked up the fish and tossed it out of the boat.
This thing jumped out of the water and through the midship Galley Hatch! to end up on the floor inside the boat flopping like crazy in front of Jupiter. I'll have a smirk on my face for a while. Now I have to get rid of the fish smell inside the galley!