iPad Death (or execution)

I just smashed the iPad Air2 with a 16lbs hammer and threw the parts off the boat.
iPads are absolutely useless unless you are constantly connected to the Internet. We seldom have Internet connections much less high-speed internet connections.
Last week the iPad started consuming lots of power. After being fully charged (10 hours to charge) it would only last 2 hours (and it is a new iPad) So I tried to reset everything to factory defaults and reload it from scratch. Well, you can't do that without an Internet connection and downloading 4GB of data and the application dies after it has downloaded 3.8GB of data and then when you restart it restarts from 0GB of data only to die again at 3.7GB of download. It has now uses our entire Internet access budget for the next month and still has not reset itself.
I thinks the fishes will have more fun with it than us. We mostly used it for photos to view navigation charts. Bye bye iPad we will never buy another one! Guess we will get a Kindle, new smart phone or something like that in the next year or two.