On the big island of Grenada

The sail down here on Sunday was nice. We had winds near 15kts until we reached telescope rock by Greenville. Yes, we sail here on the windward side of the island. At that point the winds dropped to a maximum of 8kts but mostly near 6kts. I pulled up all the sail and we could still make 4kts of speed for a while. Then the winds died a bit more. We needed to start the engine cause we were now going at 2.5kts with maximum winds of 4kts (like August in Chesapeake). We motored into Woburn Bay and dropped anchor here.
I ran some errands (mostly for boat projects) this week and did a little shopping. This Friday will be a big shopping day. The puppies and I went to Hog Island on Sunday evening and there was a big party going on (as usual). We got to see lots of our friends (well there weren't to many puppy friends there).