At Union Island for a few days to reprovision and get a little civilization

Union is the kite board capital down here. There is a shallow reef area just north of Clifton that has great winds, shallow waters and a long ride up and down wind. I hear that they have LED illumination at night. This should be fun.
Otherwise, I went to Customs to see if I needed to check the dogs into the island. The customs guy insisted that my dogs were not allowed on the island "PERIOD". I stated that my dogs were legally imported into SVG. He didn't think that there was any such thing. After he made several phone calls and got no where. I said I would go to my boat and get the Import Permit and bring it back for them to examine. I was also told by the Park Police in Union that my dogs would be okay here with and Import Permit but I couldn't take them on shore in the Cays. I just spent a week in the Cays with the dogs and the Park Service and the SVG coast guard of the Cays (none of which wanted to see the import permits and the Park Service guys were damn near rubbing Cinco's belly on one of our walks on the Cays).
I showed back up at the Union Island Customs office a few minutes later with all my paper work and by that time the Capitan was back from lunch and he examined the paper and said I was good, my dogs were allowed on land in SVG.
Guess what is for dinner the next few nights?