New meal at Hog Island

Today we are going to Hog Island for a "Buss up Shut" lunch. Yeh, it sounds weird. This is the Roti versions of a "bowl". and "Buss up Shut" is local for "Mess up your shirt" cause you are guaranteed to spill this stuff all over your shirt while you hog it down. Lambis is on the menu today for the Buss up Shut on Hog Island. Should be fun!!! I'll take picture with the phone and post them here after when we get back to the boat.
Forgot to bring my phone for photos. The Buss up Shut was great. Yum Yum Yum. The puppies got to spend most of the day on the beach. Cinco was allowed to run lose for a few hours, Jupiter was on the tether and tied up in the shade. We didn't go swimming. I should have done that, but there is always tomorrow for swimming. Both pups had lots of fun, Cinco loved running wild and saying hello to everyone he met including a couple of puppies and a cat. Overall a beautiful and relaxed day on Hog Island Grenada!