Lots of walking today

None of the shops on the island have a replacement propeller for my outboard. I called all of them, but one shop did say that they may be able to match it up with a Mercury prop. So this morning, I had a boat neighbor take me to Secret Harbor and then I walked from there all the way around to ANRO Agency on the M. Bishop Highway. They had a prop. So I'm good. I have to save to old prop cause I hear that in St. Martin and in the US they can press in a new bushing. All the same, that is an extra part to carry that I never thought about having on the boat.
Now that I had walked that far and none of the pet stores carry tick spray or collars, I walked down to the SGU Vet and picked up a couple of tick collars for each of the dogs. Then on the way back I stopped a Prickly Bay for Lunch and then continued my trip back. Since the boat is at Hog Island, I decided to walk to one of the docks on Clarks Court Bay as it will be easier to get someone to give me a dink ride back home. I got a car ride for the last 1/2 mile from the owner of the other boat named "MUSIC." Once at Clarks Court Marina, I haled for S/V Grateful and got a lift from Capt Crabby. My feet need a rest.
I sure hope these collars work for the puppies. I'm sick of ticks!