Dogs and my tears

Cinco has resumed attacking Jupiter this week. This morning he latched onto Jupiters leg and wouldn't let up even though Jupiter was yelping. I had to pop him on the nose to get him to release Jupiter and sent him to the back room. I then bandaged Jupiter to stop the bleeding. Cinco is confined to the aft cabin for now. After 13 years together, Cinco is now attacking Jupiter for no reason. Jupiter walks past him and he snaps and snarls at him. I think Cinco may have to be classified as a vicious dog now. He did this in St. Martin for a couple weeks but after a few corrections, he quit. He just started this again this week, but he has become more aggressive against Jupiter. We have a Vet appointment soon, I'll have to discuss it with the Vet. I cannot live on the boat with one dog confined to the aft-cabin and another in the main cabin. Choose between two dogs that you have loved for 13 years… now you know why I have tears.
Cinco and I had a long discussion today, but he wouldn't give me any kisses tough he gave me some good hugs. On Monday I'll let him out of his confinement and see what happens between he and Jupiter.
Later today we had another discussion and I got lots of kisses. We have a vet appointment next week, so we will see if there is a medical cause for his bad behavior. Fingers Crossed cause you only get one free "bite."
Daddy is drinking Rum early today.