Gumbo was good!

Ah yeh the gumbo was good. Re-bedded the port prism but cracked the glass in the process. I will have to find out how to get a new prism for that side. Went to Island water world to get items this morning, got most thing but a few thing I will have to pick up at an auto shop. Zippers rust in the tropics. My back pack is now useless as it is full of large legions of rust on the zippers. Oh well, I'll be looking for new back pack soon. Boat projects are moving along. I should be able to hold ice cream in my freezer again! Deck prism re-bedded but i cracked her trying to get her off. I'll check the Mason site to see where I can get a new one. Running the engine today to see if she will cycle through the charge profile.
My french is improving but when starting out from 1% going to 3% is a 300 percent improvement…but I still can't communicate in french.
We are going to a Bistro this afternoon for dinner.