Salty Dawgs

Going out for dinner tonight with the Salty Dawgs. Mike of Shrimpy's said that "Le Canal" is a dog friendly Bistro. That means the puppies are coming with me to dinner. We are anchored in Marigot Bay and the new outboard has one more hour of run time at 1/2 power to break her in after that we can run at 3/4 power (more than enough for my little dink). On Friday I'll take here into the Lagoon and head up the the Chandlery. I also have to go into town to pick up the cell phone that is being unlocked and get a Digicell SIM card and a local phone number. So don't call me on my old number. That account will be disconnected shortly.
The water here is 5 deg cooler than in the BVI - 77 deg instead of 82 deg. It's a big difference when you dive off the boat into the clear blue water.