Parts for generator ordered

Got the Generator fuel assembly removed and went to the authorized dealer to get a replacement assembly. It has been ordered but It won't be here for another week. I hope I can put it back together :) . So now on to other projects. The next big one is removing the stove to replace a part that is "conveniently" located on the back side. I've never done this before and I'm sure it is not going to be easy, that thing weights a ton. It may also reveal additional projects (as usual on a boat). I may have to pull out the sewing machine. I've been avoiding that. But it is going to rain for a couple days so interior jobs are good.
Tuesday is grocery shopping day. I have to reprovision the boat with goodies, running low of stocks. Looking forward to tomorrow's fresh bread delivery. That stuff is awesome!
Jupiter is vomiting again. Not sure why this time since he hasn't gotten into chicken bones for a while, so lots of rug washing on Music. Cinco is avoiding him for now. Winds from the South-east today, a bit unusual, but it is still very low humidity.