On the hard

It has been three years since I put two coats of Micron CSC on the bottom of the boat. It held up very well. I may have made it through the winter, but my planning is for another three years and then a soda blasting before going out to sea.
The puppies were not happy about their house being hauled, but we got to stay with neighbors for a few days and they love Bob and Melody and the dogs.
The bottom looked good in most place with the exception of the first foot below the water line. The picture was taken after the power wash. You can see the old green paint showing through near the bow and at the water line.
Three gallons of Micron and she is splashed back into the water today. I still have to finish waxing and buffing the sides. I only got half of her waxed while on the hard, the rest will be done from a floating platform in the slip.