Another rain day

We have had a few tropical waves pass over us or just to our north in the last week. The current one going over the islands should be off to our west by this evening. This one has lots of drizzle and some strong winds. We have had a steady chop in the bay that made the morning dink ride to the farmers market a bit wet. A big Cat next to us started dragging two anchors when the winds kicked up to 30+kts. They have moved now. I don't think they were in a good spot for anchoring.
We are not going to the beach today. The morning dog walk was at the Farmer's market and the evening walk will be when I go out for dinner tonight. The Hog island beach is too far away in this chop and we will all get soaked going there and coming back. The puppies won't mind as long as they get the freshly cooked puppy jambalaya.