Another day in paridise

Today's ventures were not so good. Jupiter has been sick for two days after raiding the trash for CHICKEN BONES. Not sure what else he may have eaten. So for two days I've been washing and drying rugs as he has no control. The alternator regulator I was going to use won't work on my alternator. So have to find a new one. The water maker problem I had was only partially solved. The head of the membrane unit is cracked and now I have to find a new head unit (but it was a good try fixing the O-ring in the bolt). I did get the cockpit panel fixed, but I can't find replacement switches here. It appears that the switches are actually circuit breakers. I'll see if I can find a source for those. So in the AM I'll be heading back to the Dutch side of the island to get a Alternator regulator that will work and a new head for the water maker cylinder. Otherwise, having Rum on ice and preparing sauce for noodles tonight. Smells good. Need to get some new bolts for the stantions - I'll do that on my run to the Dutch side on Tuesday. Running he engine tonight to get a charge on the house bank. Not much wind today, but that will change on Wednesday.