Groc Shopping today plus more boat projects

Hit the Super U this morning for puppy jambalaya ingredients, namely, CHICKEN. Cooking up a batch right now. I also picked up some cheeses, snacks, wine, potatoes, spinage and other goodies. Not sure what I'll have for dinner tonight. Oh, the Moroccan food last night was great! Only problem is that after I was home I had to drink a couple of quarts of water (there were a few salty part of the meal).
I have the soldering gun out to connect a new VHF cockpit set in place. I need to get that done so I can put the ceiling back up in the aft cabin. I tried a few different way, but now I'm down to soldering the connections. I hope this works.
Everything in St Martin has a local name and an official name. The mountain just east of me is the "Witches Tit" and the island is "Explorer Island." You will not find either on any official map… They have other french names. The local name make it a bit difficult, but not impossible, to find where someone's boat is located. There are also many "bays" inside Le Lagoon that have local names that you will never find on a map.