Groc shopping this morning

Not much else going on today. It will be a lazy Friday. I couldn't find Bon Ami or Bartenders Helper… I'll have to keep looking. Also they didn't have clothes pins (pegs).
I did pick up a seasoned pork loin (provincial seasoned). I'll grill it tonight and will likely make some cream spinach to go with it. The frozen spinach here is awesome, almost no water in it and it is cubed (1.5" square) and the box as about 20 cubes. I use all of them for creamed spinach (I think it is 1/2 kilo) with about 1/5 a round of Pedephile Monk cheese.
Saturday is a cruisers party at Kemshaw beach and a seminar at IWW, so the pups will be adventuring with me Saturday afternoon.