The dutch are working on the causway bridge

When I first arrived only the swing bridge was lighted and slowly they have been working to get the lights up on the entire causeway bridge. I'll take a couple of pictures tomorrow night and post them. It is St Martin's answer to HKG. It is really cool to see the entire causeway bridge light and all the light to be synchronized. Right now only about 80% are in sync. It looks like one or two spans are stuck on a specific color and one are two are just not working. But tonight is the best it has been since i've been here.
Windy today, they were calling for 15 to 22, looks like 19 to 33 right now and most of the morning. That is okay by us. It means that the dink rides are very wet, but the batts are very charged — Just another tradeoff. I have to go pickup the Gen part and see a man about a possible new dink for us since mine is not doing very well in these conditions. Jupiter, after this mornings soaking, had decided that he would approve a rib dink for us. Yes, we went to explorer island in 20+ kts of wind. That was not so bad since it was mostly down wind. The return trip at 22+ kts of wind and white caps on the wave made for a very wet return. I think Jupiter, Cinco and Cy would all prefer to stay a little bit dryer.