Shopping day

Hit the grocery store today to get more ingredients for puppy jambalaya as well as some wine and daddy food. Good bordeaux for less that 10 a bottle is nice (not great bordeaux). I did pick up a couple of nicer bottles for later in the week. Cannot find grape leaves and it is hard to find any nuts other than peanuts. I picked up some french beef sausage and I'll try that tonight with christophines (merlitons/chayote) cooked in Irish butter. The aged port sausage (Saucisse seiche) goes well with bordeaux :) . I missed the bread lady today :( I sure could use a good loaf for tonight's dinner. I'll likely miss her on Wednesday unless she shows up by 8am cause I have to haul an LPG tank down to the dutch side for a refill.
I'm going to "explorer island" later today to see it if appropriate for doggy walks. May move to the dutch side in a few days for a change of venue. Did I tell you how nice St Martin is? I'm sure I did. I've been through the airport here several times, never realized how nice the island is for a slightly extended stay.