Propane sensor went bad

For the past several months when I turn on the propane system the sensors flash for a long time. I turn the power off and then back on and there is a 50/50 chance that they will continue to flash or switch to "ready." Last week they wouldn't switch to ready, so I figured one of them was bad. Which one? I took a chance and cut one off with the a pair of dikes. Presto, instant on LPG/propane. So now that this is solved, I have to replace the defective sensor (I want two sensors for fault tolerance). So I had to run down the wires. Oh what an amaissing run :) but now I've found the disconnect plugs, cut my finger, and found a new "hidey hole" where the wires run through. So now that I've got that mapped out, I have to install the new sensor and run the replacement wire. I will have to dump 1/2 of the kitchen (aka galley) cabinets and pull some shelves off to run the wire. Other than that, the process shouldn't be that challenging. Just wondering how many cuts and scrapes I'll get in the process.