Another lazy cloudy day in St Lucia

After the morning walk, I did some more stainless steel polishing and after two days of doing this there are still rusty spots. Everything! rusts in this environment. I also reorganized my fishing gear and moved a few thing around in the storage bins. I have to repack part of the V-berth before we go sailing as I moved a lot of things around to get to the sewing machine and materials. Not a lot but it's going to take 10 or 15 minutes to repack it. I'll make a garbage run in the morning when I take the pups up to meet Jimi and Andy for breakfast as Rodney Bay Marina. I'm still waiting to hear from SVG animal import office to see if I can bring the pups into SVG. If not, then we will only be in SVG for a couple of nights then we will be in Grenada.
I got a hand of the small bananas here and oh, they are sweet and good. I purchased another hand of green ones today form the boat guy (Gregory). They should ripen in the next two days.