Thick Glass

I purchased some starboard to make a sun/rain cover for the instruments mounted in the cockpit combing. I figured this would cover the instruments and protect them from the sun and the rain when the dodger is open. The front of the combing is about 1” thick so I purchased bolts that were 2 and 1/4in long for the mounts. When I drilled the hole, the bit just kept biting and drilling much deeper than expected. The top of the combing is 2.25in thick! That was quite a surprise, but given that the traveler is mounted just ahead of the combing, it make since. I am always surprised at the thickness of the glass on this boat. All the same, I had to wait until Sunday morning to get new, longer bolts for the mounts. The end result turned out great. I is just the right size to keep the sun off and keep the rain away.