Mayreau and Salt Fish

Today I went hiking into Mayreau and met a guy that I had met yesterday on the beach. I met him about 20 yards from the church at the top of the hill. We shared a beer and some conversation and the lady at this place was getting ready to prepare lunch. Fish sandwiches made with salt fish. The guy was surprised that I didn't know how to salt cure fish. In Mayreau electricity is so expensive that they do not have a lot of freezers or refrigerators. There are less than 300 people on this island and they preserve their fish by salting them. The lady showed me how it is done. They brine the fish for 12 hours or more in really salty water (more than ocean water) and then they lay them out in the sun to dry. She said don't worry about the flies, they can't do anything to salt fish. The fish had been splayed with he center bones removed but the top fin was still in place to hole the two halves together. When you want to cook fish you cut off what you need and soak it in fresh water for a few hours to remove the salt and then cook it.
The first picture is of the church at the top of the hill in town, second is a picture of Mayreau gardens (a reef on the South-east of the island) the third is Saline bay, and my boat is in there, the fourth is down town Mayreau (my boat also in the picture) waking down the hill and the final photo is of Saline Bay Beach. We are going to hang out on the beach this afternoon. Maybe even go swimming!!!