Monday was LPG refill day

I dropped the tank off at IWW on the dutch side of the island to get an LPG refill. Also did some shopping at IWW for stainless fitting to reinforce the bimini for solar panels. At 3:15 we went back to IWW to get the tank and then stopped at Lagoonie's for a beer with the puppies. They liked sitting in the shade hearing all the noises around us. Back home now and the sky has opened up with rain while I cook another batch of puppy jambalaya. Tuesday is shopping day. I'll have to get more chickens for puppy jambalaya and I'll have to get some veal for daddy :) (don't tell Jupiter that I'm spending money on French Veal cause he will want the bones). Super U also has duck, lamb, and goose at the store for a reasonable price. I might have to get a whole hen, but they have pen fethers on them (darn french don't completely pluck the foul). But the beef/lamb sausage is AWESOME! — Spicy and high quality. I'll have to get some more tomatoes and maybe the green onions will look good this week, if so I'll pick some up to chop and freeze cause they are hard to come by down here. Cheese will also be on he list. They have varieties of cheese that I've never seen before and so far they have all been really good.