Delayed departure

We were planning to leave today for Carriacou but the boat had different things in mind. Everything was prepared yesterday. This morning all I had to do was put the generator in the shower, store a couple of seat cushions, run the preventer and then load the dink on the deck. Well at 7:30 AM before I load the dink on the deck, I go down below to close all the bow hatches and they didn't. The clamping mechanism on 3 of the hatches broke. Now for those that have sailed on Music, she has a very wet bow. With 4 to 6 ft waves and 20 Kts of wind I will take spray over the bow constantly on our 6 hour sail. I also expect 4 or 5 waves to put green water over the bow. If the hatches don't close, there is no way to sail the boat and not take loads of sea water into the boat (not acceptable).
So now I'm busy hunting down all the tools and parts I need to repair the hatches. I think I have everything now and will spend the morning fixing them. My weather window may have closed until Wednesday or Thursday as the seas and winds are predicted to increase significantly in the next few days. I'll double check the predictions tonight. If it is not bad, we may depart on Sunday morning, if not we will be here for a few more days.
Ah boats, always something unexpected!