Ten reasons I love my boat

1) She is built like a brick shit house. Everything on the boat is substatial. The rigging, the blocks, the winches, everything on this boat is 1 size bigger than needed. I drilled a hole for the heater 3 feet above the water line and it was 1.25 inches thick. The first 8 layups are vynelester the rest are polyester and that mean any blister are in the barrier coat other owners put on her
2) Sail plan is perfect. A cutter rig is amaissing from 5kts to 48kts she will perform like a dream. I love the sail plan. She is a true cutter rig so all the power is in the head sails. As a result, I can put her hove to in a few seconds. The code-0 is great for light winds.
3) Sea kindly. As long as the crew is not racing her at 45 deg of heel, she is very comfortable down below. She is very comfortable at any degree of heel in the cockpit. The cockpit make you feel safe even though she gets pooped now and then.
4) Redundancy. Almost everything is redundant. There are two or more ways to get everything on the boat done. Redundancy is your friend in the ocean. Anyone trying to do COOP or DRP should have an ocean vessel before they make any statement as to what should be done for COOP are DRP.
5) Hand holds under way. You can move without pain provided you know where to grab hold. This boat has substantial hand holds everywhere. I can stand up securely and dress in the bulky weather gear with ease.
6) Instant hove to. The hull design and the sail plan provides instant ability to bring the boat to a hove to position. So when the shit hits the fan, she can take it. The main sail will not tack through the wind without the head sails and that makes it easy to be hove to.
7) Secure cockpit. M44 has the most secure cockpit you could be in. She is safe and feels safe when you are at sea. Hove to in a storm you will be asking, "who is making coffee or tea"
8) She is my home. So wherever I go, I sleep in my own bed and all of my stuff is here with me.
9) Her profile is beautiful. Very few boats have the sheer lines of a Mason. You can pick her out at night by the reflection of the moon on the water. Few boats have the sweeping overhangs of a Mason.
10) She is 10 times stronger than me (or more). When the weather is bad and seas are confused, I want to be upon this boat. After the passage to St Martin from BVI I wonder how rough it would be to take a modern flat bottom boat through the same seas. I feel safe in all of the sea conditions I have encountered. I've never yet thought about deploying the Jordan Series Drogue I carry.