Cinco is so smart! Too smart!

The finger piers on the floating dock are full length. This allows me to bring the boat head into the slip and open the gate at mid ship. Then each walk, I put the dogs up top and they wait for me to pull the boat towards the pier where I then toss each one down onto the dock.
When we return, I usually remove their hooks and allow them to run down the dock. They never get more than 20 feet in front of me as they always want to know where daddy is. For the past several weeks, Cinco has been watching the process and studying the steps. He has that look in his face that he is learning what to do and just waiting for his chance to prove to daddy that he knows what to do and can do it on his own.
Today was Cinco’s day. Upon returning Jupiter was lagging behind, so after pulling the boat up, I turned to get Jupiter. Cinco launched himself from the dock to the boat and missed 1/4 of the way. His hind legs were hanging over the toe rail while he was pulling as much as he could with his front legs to keep from slipping off the boat and back onto the dock or water. I pushed him up and fussed while I tossed Jupiter on the deck. Cinco turned and gave me the “look;” see daddy, I know what to do!
Now I’ll have to keep them on the hook until we get to the boat. No more free roaming down the dock back to the boat as Cinco can no longer be trusted to wait for me to safely toss him on the deck. He is a smart dog, but just a little too smart at times. He is the main reason I have netting all around the boat as he tends to think he can jump to the dock or to the boat. Unfortunately he misses about 50% of the time and on the fixed pier that usually requires that I pull out the boat hook to fetch him. They do have life jackets on every time we go on or off the boat, just for the little handles that allow me to hook ‘em.
Jupiter is the other reason for the netting, he like to swim and will dive off the boat when any duck comes within range. The netting is a great feature if you have little schnauzers!