I see lots of people take pictures of their food when it is set on the table. Yes, it often looks good but that is no indication of what is really there — lipstick on a pig, eh? So I'm going to post my meals after they have been consumed. The first is a picture of Burger Night in Dominica. I haven't had a burger in 6 months so I was looking forward to this. This was a homemade bun, with home grown tomato, lettuce, and onion topping a sirloin burger with a slab of mild cheddar. It was served with fries and slaw. The meal plus beer was so filling I couldn't finish all the slaw. (a little hot sauce still on the plate with the paper napkin)


This morning I went to market and at the corner of market street and Bay Street there is a little bar that has Carib fried bread that is stuffed with salt fish. Carib fried bread is about the size on an english muffin and usually fried in either lard or coconut oil. I may have to change my opinion of salt fish after this and a meal of salt fish, ache and rice in St. Kitts. Notice the only thing left is the grease stain on the paper bag. :) It was awesome.