Sewing Weekend

The right knee is hurting this weekend, but that didn’t stop the sewing machine. However, it did make it difficult to haul the bolt of material to the dock, measure and cut, as I had to get on my knees to measure and cut. I managed to make 6 hatch covers, only two were identical in size, a new bag for the life sling (the ones they sell only last about 3 years). And as a bonus, I made two new pillow cases for the puppy’s pillows (they tend to rip the pillow cases with their little toe nails) The new cases are made from cotton duck cloth, so they should stand up to the puppies.
The next thing I have to try is an outboard motor cover/sling that I saw in “good old boat.” It would work well if i can pull it off. Then there is the new Bimini - that will not be taken on until next year. I think I’m going to let the sewing machine rest for a few months... This winter I may pull it out again for projects.